Amazon Reportedly Blocks ‘Union’ and ‘Pay Raise’ on Employee App

Amazon reportedly plans to block and flag words like “union,” “living wage” and “plantation” on an internal messaging app — days after warehouse workers in New York became the company’s first in the US to unionize.

The list of banned words also includes “pay raise,” “prison,” “slave labor” and “restrooms,” the Intercept reported on Monday.

The alleged “restrooms” ban comes after years of reports that Amazon warehouse workers and drivers have been forced to pee in bottles in order to meet punishing work quotas.

Amazon’s “auto bad word moderator” is expected to roll out on an internal social media-style app used by Amazon employees later this month, according to The Intercept.

Additional banned words reportedly include “freedom,” “bullying,” “harassment,” “petition,” “diversity,” “concerned” and “robots,” as well as slurs and swear words.

via joemiller

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