Afghan Bombing Witness Describes Horror: 5-Year-Old Died in My Hands

Details are beginning to emerge from the suicide bombings near the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the eyewitness accounts are disturbingly tragic.
In a phone interview with “America’s Newsroom” hosts Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer on Fox News, an Afghan man named Carl shared his experience on the ground after the initial explosion.
“I was here to go to the airport, get on a plane and get out of here,” he said.
The man then explained that a young girl died right before his eyes.
“There was an explosion that happened … a lot of people got hurt. I got a baby girl that she was 5 years old — she died while in my hands.”
Due to the static coming through on the call, Hemmer asked the man to clarify that a “baby girl died in [his] arms.”
“Yes … she was not my baby girl. She was somebody else’s girl, and I saw her on the ground, I picked her up and I took her to the hospital, but she died,” Carl said.

Although the evolving nature of the situation makes it difficult to get a confirmed number of deaths, at least 60 Afghans have been killed as a result of the explosion, according to The Wall Street Journal.
In addition, at least 12 U.S. service members have been killed and 15 others wounded, Fox News reported.
The Los Angeles Times noted the deaths of those soldiers make them the first American military casualties in Afghanistan in 18 months.
ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, which aligns with comments Secretary of State Antony Blinken made just yesterday about the chances of a bombing at the airport.
“It’s hard to overstate the complexity and the danger of this effort. We’re operating in a hostile environment in a city and country now controlled by the Taliban, with the very real possibility of an ISIS-K attack,” Blinken said at a news conference.
The human toll of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is the devastating result of poor American leadership, as more attacks from ISIS are imminent.
Withdrawing troops from Afghanistan was never going to be perfect, but the rapid terror vacuum could have been minimized or at least delayed if there was better execution.
The Taliban and ISIS are enemies– meaning there will be more innocent civilians caught in their crosshairs.
Whether it is an American soldier or a 5-year-old Afghan girl, the violence is unacceptable and a strong response from the Western world is necessary.
For the average American hearing about the carnage, the best thing to do is to pray for peace in Afghanistan.
via westernjournal

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