About Us

Dear reader, Thank you for being here! Sadly, this is one of the last bastions of conservative free speech… You’ve probably heard that recently tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter have launched a mass censorship campaign to silence everyone that does not agree with their politically correct, globalist, President Trump-bashing narrative! There is no way around it… Real conservative values are under attack in America! The wicked forces of the liberal left spearheaded are slowly subverting the principles that made this country great. The victory of Donald Trump gave us hope but even now, day by day, the Constitution is being eroded, our institutions are being subverted, our rights are being slowly taken away. All the while, the public at large are being kept in dark by the evil main stream media. We’ve had enough! Our mission: •​ to support our Constitutional rights and freedoms; • ​to offer a conservative point of view on political financial and economic information available; •​ to skeptically examine and, where necessary, attack the left-wing mainstream media; • ​to provide conservatives with a platform free of censorship; We strongly believe in God, our right to own guns, good old-fashioned American values and the right to free speech! If you share these values, you will feel at home here. God bless you and God bless America!