Abby Johnson: What Always Happens in the Waiting Room After an Abortion?

When I walked out of Planned Parenthood after working there for eight years and climbing the ladder within the organization, so many people on the pro-life side had endless questions for me, not just about the internal working of Planned Parenthood but how I could do the things I did, persuading women that abortion was their only option, putting together the body parts of aborted babies and then somehow sleeping at night.

Valid questions. It’s important to understand how the other side thinks, how they justify those choices and how to approach them with love and truth.

Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi, a board-certified OB-GYN and abortion doctor, told the House Oversight Committee, in a hearing on the Texas abortion law last week, that “abortion saves lives. For the thousands of people I’ve cared for, abortion is a blessing.”

There is no possible scenario where abortion saves a life or is a blessing or an act of love. Zero.

Yet this is how the abortion industry justifies the killing of innocent life and even the harming of women during an abortion.

Through my ministry, And Then There Were None, almost 600 abortion workers have left the industry, and nearly every one of them went into those clinics with the intent of wanting to help women, a noble goal.

We were taught that abortion is indeed a blessing to a woman in crisis, dealing with abuse or in college. We told a woman that she needed to have an abortion so she could take care of her other kids, so she could continue working to provide for her family, so she could get her education and find her dream job. Kids would get in the way of her dreams and abortion would give her freedom.

All lies. This was the exact opposite of empowerment.

Several of our former abortion workers decided to quit their jobs after spending a lot of their time in the recovery room where women were placed after their abortions.

They all had similar stories: Women were always crying, bleeding, had blank stares, some immediately voicing their regret. They looked like completely different women than the ones who had walked into the clinic.

When you see firsthand the devastation of abortion and allow even a tiny smidgen of truth to seep into your heart, those first cracks in the lies you’ve been told start to form.

When you’re told lies everywhere you look — your job, the media, celebrities, friends, family, supervisors — it can be difficult to see the truth. And especially for people working in abortion clinics, it can seem like they have no options to get out for family, financial or other reasons.

But for those who do leave, the freedom they experience is worth it.

As much as we on the pro-life side want to snap back at people who scream at us on the sidewalk or yell in our faces at marches, we need to approach them with both love and the truth.

I didn’t leave Planned Parenthood because of the people who showed up on the sidewalk dressed like the Grim Reaper (true story). I left because God was softening my heart and because the sidewalk advocates I talked to were kind and loving. One of them even works for my ministry now.

This also means we must be bold in speaking the truth, which we have on our side, and pray for the conversion of those inside abortion clinics. Where sin abounds, God’s mercy abounds even greater.

Abortion is never acceptable. It is never health care. Killing an innocent human being is never a blessing. The death and dismemberment of an unborn human being is never an act of love.

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