A recurring nightmare about the next 2 years

Suppose China decides to start a war with Taiwan – in the next two years.

It's entirely possible, if not likely.

Our military is not prepared to assist our ally Taiwan. Joe Biden is president. He has us escalating the war in Ukraine to nuclear proportions. He's in the tank for China and wouldn't be inclined to do a thing about it. Even if he did, he would botch the job or have a nervous breakdown or worse. No one else in the Democratic Party, especially Kamala Harris, is not even an option.

Taiwan produces most of the world's semiconductors needed for EVERYTHING – and I mean everything. Silicon Valley ain't what it used to be. We'd need years to bring that industry back home.

It's conceivable China is thinking like this already. Why? Because Xi Jinping doesn't want to see Donald Trump back in the White House – which could happen in two years. Without Trump, we don't have a ghost of a chance to deter Beijing's aggression.

The second part of my nightmare scenario is: What if China doesn't start its inevitable war with Taiwan within two years? Well, then we'll have Trump. So what? We made it.

Not so fast.

What if Trump has the election stolen from him again – through no fault of his own? In other words, what if the absolutely corrupt Democrats rig it again – like they rigged so much of the 2022 election cycle? Is he prepared to win Arizona? How? By having the support of Kari Lake? Or are you forgetting that the Republicans in Arizona are just as corrupt as the Democrats were in 2020 when he "lost." Is Trump going to win Georgia? Are you certain? How about Nevada? Michigan?

Are we betting on the Democrats becoming less corrupt? Are the 5 million illegals who have entered the country in the past two years not going to be recruited for the only reason the Democrats wanted them? And what will happen in the next two years? Will they reach 10 million by then?

I don't like underestimating Trump, but how is he going to do it? Maybe RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel will outperform expectations. What's his game plan? I'm sure Trump will out-perform even his own expectations, as he did in 2020, but what if the nasty Democrats cheat even more?

These are the things I'm paid to worry about – and, while, I have faith in God and Trump, in that order, I just am not feeling confident. Democrats are very motivated after their last heist of a presidential election. They're still running everything except the House of Representatives by a few votes.

So, help me figure this out. Somebody show me how we can win when Democrats continually get away with fraud. I just don't know. Democratic leaders are evil people – thoroughly evil. They are not worthy of being called Americans. They don't even accept the tenets of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I know – we have not been operating in the realm of either one for a long time.

Think of it. It's not just Biden and Harris. Think of Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, Chuck Schumer – think even of Mitch McConnell! He's evil too. He's also on the take from China – has been for years as I told you years ago.

So somebody wake me up from these persistent nightmares.

Is Jesus coming soon or what?

That's the only thing I can count on. I know his advent is close, but I want to see Americans live up to being Americans. I want to see more people saved by grace, but I know they're choosing differently. Unless there's a strong revival coming in the next two years, I just don't know it's going to work out.

Pray for America for the next two years. Pray like you never prayed before. I will be praying with you.

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