21 states stand against militant transgender movement

Twenty-one states (and counting) stand against the transgender tidal wave by enacting legislation to protect families, vulnerable children, girls’ sports and the right not to use a transgender pronoun. A new Tennessee law clarifies “sex” as “a person’s immutable biological sex as determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth.”

Pro-transgender marketing for Bud Light beer backfired badly on the Belgian-based beer giant AB InBev. Sales for Bud Light decreased by 21% for the week ending on April 22, a third consecutive weekly decline following the company’s disastrous attempt to reposition that iconic product by insulting its traditional customer base.

President Biden’s poll numbers have also dropped sharply, to a new low of 36% from 42% only three months ago, while he pushes the unpopular transgender agenda. Biden has only 26% approval among the essential voting demographic of voters under 30.

The next three weeks will mark the climax of the biennial Texas Legislature, which must adjourn by law on May 29. Militant transgender protesters and parliamentary delay tactics by their allies in the Texas House twice blocked a key vote last week on a good bill protecting against harmful transgender child treatments, which had already passed the state Senate.

While the mostly peaceful Trump supporters who entered the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, received stiff prison sentences as long as 14 years, favorable publicity showers the transgender militants who disrupted the Texas Capitol. Charges have even been dropped against one transgender protester accused of assaulting an officer there, in sharp contrast with the over-prosecution of Trump supporters in D.C.

The transgender activists in Texas were interfering with a vote on SB 14, which would ban the use of puberty blockers and hormone therapy in children. Similar laws protecting children from irreversible treatments and mutilation have passed in 16 states, while eight states have prohibited persons from using bathrooms of the opposite sex.

But 10 states are moving in the opposite direction, having enacted laws to promote the transgender agenda, even requiring conscientious physicians to provide medical interventions that violate traditional ethical principles. The militant transgenders have enormous financial and political backing as they try to enact their agenda nationwide.

Detransitioners, those who regret being victimized by transgender treatments or operations as children, are suing for the harm inflicted on them. One such lawsuit is against Kaiser Permanente for putting a 13-year-old girl on puberty blockers and testosterone, and then performing a double mastectomy at age 15, who by age 16 wanted to restore her life as a girl.

Despite the many lives being wrecked by transgender medications, the media show us confused kids who want transgender operations or seek to play on a sports team of the opposite sex. Armed with free attorney services from liberal entities, new lawsuits challenge state laws protecting girls’ bathrooms and sports.

Unfortunately, courts are likely to block some of these good state laws, as law schools keep turning out pro-transgender attorneys. The U.S. Supreme Court signaled its unwillingness to defend state laws that protect girls’ sports, when last month it denied a petition from West Virginia to reinstate its law.

Also stalled in the Texas House is a bill to protect women’s college sports, SB 15. The obstacle there appears to be opposition by the pro-transgender NCAA, which insists on using only testosterone tests as a way to pretend to protect women’s sports.

Testosterone tests are inadequate because even if the male hormone is artificially reduced, men still inherently have immense physical advantages over female athletes. For example, the average male is 5 inches taller than the average female, which gives men a decisive margin in many sports including swimming and track and field events.

The average height of players in women’s professional basketball is only 6 feet, while the corresponding average for a man in the NBA is 6 feet, 6 inches. Leveling testosterone will not even out that disparity, or other sex differences such as how males are much less vulnerable to sports injuries than women and girls.

Last week a transgender athlete won a women’s cycling event recognized by the world cycling authority. While some international sports authorities are belatedly beginning to change their rules, the top American sports leagues beholden to television contracts with the liberal media are not budging.

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sides with girls, women and Trump against allowing males to compete in female sports. But Biden recently issued Title IX regulations that will be used by liberal courts to invalidate state laws protecting girls’ sports against the transgender invasion.

Biden supports extremism in the transgender movement, which is where the media want him to be. With rock-bottom approval ratings, Biden cannot win renomination without continued backing by the pro-transgender media.

via theroaringamerican

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