2024 Probe: Biden’s Emails Take Center Stage

Most of Washington might be on break for the holidays, but the Biden White House better not be breathing too easy.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky used a Tuesday appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” to outline where his investigation of Biden family corruption will be going in 2024.

And it’s got Joe Biden’s name — and fake names — all over it.

Interviewed by guest host former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican who chaired the Oversight Committee from 2015 to 2017, Comer declared that the emails Biden wrote when he was vice president — using pseudonyms on government email accounts — are going to be key to the impeachment inquiry launched Dec. 13.

The emails, recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop, show Joe Biden as vice president using the pseudonyms “Robert Peters,” “Robin Ware” and “JRB Ware.”

Comer reminded the audience that the president has repeatedly assured Americans that he has never even spoken to his son about Hunter’s business dealings.

The emails, Comer said, tell a different story.

“Remember, no one knew about these pseudonym emails until a few months ago,” he said. “We found that Joe Biden was using at least three fake names on government emails.

“What we didn’t know until recently was that he was in fact using those pseudonym emails to communicate with not just his son, Hunter Biden, but also with his shady business associates.”

Comer said the emails had been used as evidence by the federal prosecutors in California who indicted Hunter Biden on tax charges this month.

“That is important evidence there,” he said.

Comer also said the committee hasn’t given up efforts to depose Hunter Biden, who recently gave the middle finger to the House of Representatives and the American system of government as a whole when he conducted a circus-like news conference on the Senate side of the Capitol while refusing to appear before the Oversight Committee.

The House is likely to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress when it returns to business after the holiday break. “But we also need those pseudonym emails,” Comer said.

And that is likely to set up a clash with the National Archives, which is stonewalling efforts to make Biden’s vice presidential emails public. Biden’s mishandling of classified documents — a scandal of its own that has been conveniently hushed up in the Beltway — could come into play.

“We also have questions for the National Archives,” Comer said. “Which countries were involved in the documents that Joe Biden mishandled?

“That’s something that I think is very important to our investigation because we’ve identified … a couple of emails that Hunter sent to people in Ukraine, for example, that we believe may have been classified documents that Joe Biden mishandled that were in, possibly, the garage of Joe Biden’s house where his son was living.”

It was heavy going for a holiday season interview, but it’s a heavy time the country is going through.

As much as the establishment media outlets want to avoid the topic — the same outlets that breathlessly ran every unfounded crumb of the “Russian collusion” story — Republicans on the Oversight Committee are turning up more and more evidence that the man who is now president of the United States put the office of vice president up for sale during the Obama administration.

And with it, he put the country itself up for sale. This isn’t a joke. And it’s not simply a partisan attack. It could well be as serious a crisis this country has faced since its founding.

It wasn’t Norway or the Virgin Islands where Hunter was doing business, after all.

It was Ukraine — a country known to be a pit of corruption before it became a stand-in for Churchill’s Britain thanks to the Russian invasion. It was China — America’s main global rival, a country making a bid for dominance in world affairs, even if it takes a confrontation with the U.S. to do it.

In other words, thanks to an addicted, sex-crazed son and his own greed, the commander in chief might have a history of doing business with one of the country’s most dangerous enemies.

There’s already solid evidence of millions of dollars coming in from around the world to Biden family members through shell companies established specifically to make money harder to track.

This isn’t a “Saturday Night Live” skit we’re talking about here.

Americans, Comer said, “want to know, ‘Is our president for sale? Has our president been conspiring with our enemies around the world for millions of dollars that was sent to his family?’

“This isn’t normal behavior,” he said. “And the media can write ‘no evidence, no evidence’ all day long — that’s not going to change the fact that there’s a lot of evidence.

“There are a lot of questions here that this family has failed to answer. And the media … thinks that they can attack me or Jim Jordan and it’s going to discredit this investigation, but poll after poll shows a majority of Americans are keeping up with this and they expect someone to investigate public corruption.”

Americans who follow the news know they can’t depend on a partisan FBI, Comer said. They can’t depend on the IRS. “And they know that the Department of Justice has failed to do their job,” he added.

“So the only entity that’s left out there is the House Oversight Committee,” Comer said.

“Thank God the Republicans won the majority … to try to get the proof to the American people about whether or not this president is compromised.”

Holiday break or no holiday break, it’s a rock-solid bet the Biden White House isn’t relaxing after that interview.

Americans who care about their country — regardless of their politics — shouldn’t be relaxing either.

via patriottruthnews

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